Top 5 Things To Consider Before Buying Automatic Tool Changers For Your Cnc Machine
Top 5 Things To Consider Before Buying Automatic Tool Changers For Your Cnc Machine

One of the most significant discoveries we have made in our 21st-century world is the art of automation. Today, every industry looks forward to different ways to make all of its processes automated, whether it is the assembly line, maintenance of a smooth supply chain, or seamless logistics. If you are also among those looking forward to a more automated approach for their industry, you should consider our advice before making your move.

This blog lists the 5 most important points you should not ignore before buying any Automatic Tool Changers for your CNC machine. These five points are as follows:

1.    Multi-purpose functionality
2.    Smooth automation 
3.    Integration and support of the latest software products
4.    Customized tooling
5.    The ability to fulfill any skill deficit 

1. Multi-Purpose Functionality 

Worldwide, every industry and business looks for solutions that can deliver the most with the least investment and effort. And this is why your top-most priority while buying automated tools for your CNC machines should be to look for those that are multi-purpose. The reason why we emphasize this is because multi-purpose tools come with a lot of advantages. They save your production time, reduce workload, minimize the need to rely on human resources, and most importantly, minimize your need to invest more capital.

2. Smooth Automation 

Automation may sound good to your ears, but you must look for its capability to smoothly handle all the automation processes in any automation tool. Previously, the automation ability of any tool (or machine) came from the assembly lines, gears, and various control mechanisms used in its production. However, these capabilities today depend upon the software used in their production. With these automation tools at your disposal, your industrial processes will become more streamlined. In this regard, some of the advantages these software-based automation tools can provide the following benefits to your industry:

1.    You will be able to keep a bird's eye view over every process
2.    You can get alerts from these tools whenever you are about to run out of the production material
3.    You can easily plan your maintenance operations using these tools, thus avoiding any long-term maintenance procedures and costly shutdowns  

Another major yet overlooked benefit of these automation tools is that you can cause them to integrate with other machines and tools of your industry. And if you are willing to expand your operation a bit, then you can integrate them with the software of your partner industries and companies too! This will result in enhanced cooperation and a better customer experience overall. 

3. Integration with the Latest Software Products

If your automation tools still use that old Unix software from the 90s, chances are high that you might run out of your customers very soon. With that being said, ensure the Automatic Tool Changer you are buying for your CNC machines is fully equipped with the modern and latest software available. If you want to take our word regarding the integration of automation tools with the latest available software, then we have the following three recommendations:

1.    Try automating your existing machines: 
You can always buy the latest automated tools for your CNC machines from the market. But why spend unnecessarily when you can easily automate your existing machines with the latest software? If you choose this option, you can easily save a lot of money. Moreover, try equipping your automation tools with AI software products. They are more resilient, make the overall process smoother, and almost exclude the need for any human supervision.

2.    Connectivity:
Wouldn't it be great if, somehow, you could manage to connect all of your existing machines? Thanks to modern technology, you can achieve this by using Wi-Fi adapters and similar software drivers to help your machines connect and perform in your company's and its customers' best interests.

3.    Centralized storage:
Having a centralized database or a server for all of your automated tools can help you greatly as you will have the opportunity to access all f your company's machines from a single platform. 

4.    Customized Tooling

Industries' rapid expansion and growth have resulted in many different disciplines and fields. And to function and thrive smoothly, each field requires software explicitly tailored to meet its special needs. For example, a doctor's software to maintain a record of patients visiting their office every day would be of no use to an industrial complex specializing in sheet fabrication. This is where customized tooling comes in.

While looking for an Automatic Tool Changer for your company, make sure that you select the one that can fulfill your industry's particular needs. Our recommendations for the Automatic Tool Changer for your CNC machines are:
1.    It must be computerized while being efficient in its operations
2.    It should be able to offer variable spindle clamping force for your CNC machines
3.    It should be able to manage different diameters, holes, thicknesses, and ground forces 

5. The Ability to Fulfill Skill Deficits

Our final recommendation for you before buying any Automatic Tool Changer for your CNC machine is to look for its ability to overcome any technical deficiencies in your workforce. Technically, industries and companies keep facing the potential dangers of their workforce laying off, quitting, or recession that can force them to reduce their staff bearing technical expertise.

To tackle this situation, the best available option is to look for an Automatic Tool Changer that can counter these potential risks. With these automated tool changers by your side, you will not have to expose any of your employees to repetitive manual or hazardous work.


In this blog, we presented you with our tried and tested recommendations that every CNC buyer must consider before buying a CNC machine. If you buy an Automatic Tool Changer that complies with our advice mentioned above, we can ensure that you won't regret buying a CNC machine for the industry. Lastly, if you want to make this transition process hassle-free, try GIZIN. 

GIZIN is an all-in-one Automatic Tool Changer that eliminates the need to overhaul your entire production line just for automation. It is equipped with the latest software, is cost-effective, and fulfills all of our recommendations mentioned above in the blog.

If you are interested in learning more about GIZIN, click here and know one of the best Automatic Tool Changers in the market for yourself!

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