Top 12 Ways to Increase Productivity with an Automatic Tool Changer
Top 12 Ways to Increase Productivity with an Automatic Tool Changer

Top 12 Ways to Increase Productivity with an Automatic Tool Changer


A tool changer is a device that stores more than one cutting tool or tool bit. The changing process is done with pneumatics or hydraulics. This equipment changes tools automatically as the indexer turns the part. 
You can cycle through each tool or indexer position until you reach the correct one needed to machine your part. Now, will this post tell you how an automatic tool changer increases productivity?
There are several ways to increase productivity with an automatic tool changer. A tool changer can make it easier to use one machine for various tasks and cut down on setup and changeover time.

1.    It's Easier to Change Tools Automatically in a Continuous Process

Each part requires different tools to complete, so if you're switching between components regularly, an automatic tool changer is a way to go.
This way, you won't have to interrupt your workflow by stopping and manually changing the tool each time. Instead, when it comes time to switch instruments, the actuation system will take over for you and move the device into position. 

2.    Use It for More Complex Jobs with Greater Variety

Using an automatic tool changer can open up new opportunities for your shop. You can use a single machine to do multiple jobs that you previously would have needed two or more devices to complete. 
This will help you expand the range of work your shop can handle, which means more customers and an overall increase in sales.

3.    Increase Productivity by Being Able to Run Multiple Tools Simultaneously

The most obvious way to increase your productivity is by being able to run multiple tools at one time. Depending on the tool changer, there may be only one or two tools per setup, or you may be able to run several different tools in a single design. 
This will allow you to run multiple parts at once, increasing the speed in which your parts are produced and reducing waiting times between jobs.

4.    Use It for High Production Runs

You can also use an automatic tool changer for high production runs (i.e., when you have many parts that need to be completed). 
This will allow you to save time when changing from one job to another, reducing downtime and allowing you more time for other tasks such as machine maintenance.

5.    Use It for Higher Part Counts

Automatic tool changers can allow you to increase your part count by enabling multiple parts to be machined simultaneously. This means that you can produce more parts in less time, leading to improved productivity levels for your business.

6.    Use It for Billet-To-Part Machining

Many machine tool manufacturers now offer automatic tool changers with a billet-to-part capability, which means they can handle a wide range of machining processes, including turning, milling, and grinding.
This makes them ideal for businesses that deal with high volumes of different materials since they enable operators to operate them appropriately.

7.    Use It for Multiple Part Production Runs

Tool changer systems allow you to load up multiple tools as a single unit and then run them in succession. This will enable you to set up one type of operation, then move on to the next without changing tools or processes.

8.    Use It to Reduce Assembly Time after Machining

Suppose you have several parts that need assembly after machining. In that case, an automatic tool changer can save time by allowing you to run all those parts through the same machine simultaneously instead of setting up each one individually. 
The same applies if you have multiple operations that require different setups, such as milling and drilling or grinding and polishing.

9.    Use It for Complex Molding Operations

An automatic tool changer system allows for more complicated molding operations by enabling operators to run multiple tools simultaneously rather than wait for each tool change before moving on to the next step.

10.    Use It When Special Tools Are Required

The most significant advantage of an automatic tool changer is that it allows you to use particular tools without having to stop and switch them out manually. 
If you need a special-purpose cutter or insert for specific jobs, an automatic tool changer will change the proper tool for each operation. This saves time and prevents mistakes.

11.    Use It When Multiple Types of Machining Are Needed During the Same Operation

If you have multiple operations to perform on one part, an automatic tool changer can save time by automatically switching between operating modes as needed.

12.    Use It When Specialty Tools Can't Be Found

If you're using high-performance materials like titanium or stainless steel, you may have trouble finding the right tools. 
If you're using a manual system, this can lead to long lead times and delays in production. With an automatic tool changer, you don't have to worry about getting your hands on the right tool —load it up and go!

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